Patient Flow, Commissioning, Organisational process change, Feasibility, Process Design & Implementation


PMI develops and coordinates  Feasibility Studies, Commissioning, Business Analysis, Solution & Workplace Design and is responsible for overall Project Management on the design and construction of sites in collaboration with the project architects.


Practice Management International creates user friendly and reliable preliminary financial projections to guide your organization or practice in the early stages.

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Practice Management International will also work with you to create realistic and accurate projections for revenue, capital requirements and operating cash flows of the practices. The format will provide easily accessed multiple levels of detail as well as a logical rollup of the projections. Key assumptions will be detailed and integrated into the statement. A triple range of "best", "worst" and "steady state" will be used in the projections.


Commissioning of day surgery/consulting facilities

PMI offers specialised consultancy services assisting with the briefing, design and commissioning of Health Projects under one umbrella with full operations management or co operations management dependent upon the client brief.


Health facilities covered are :

  • Private and Public Hospitals
  • Medical Centres
  • Private Clinics
  • Ambulatory Care Centres
  • Day Surgery Centres
  • CSSD
  • Medical Consulting Suites



Day Surgery Centres

In the early 1990s many hospitals made the decision to own and/or manage Medical practices. Prompted by economic and community-based needs, this arrangement was determined to be the only way to maintain certain specialties in parts of the country. It soon became clear that the business of the Medical practice is significantly different from that of the hospital. Cultural differences restricted early possibilities for success. Practice Management International believes that in a guided environment, this relationship can be strong and supportive of the community at large. We have worked with struggling delivery systems and have helped amend perceptions and policies into more positive working partnerships. Implementation of digital systems including EMR is proving to be extremely useful for facilities that cater for Visiting Specialists and/or Medical Partners that attend multiple locations within the one organization.

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Consulting Practices

Specialist & General Physician Practices

Practices that are well established in their field are often subject to inertia. Healthcare is a moving target and its impact on your practice requires diligence to track down obsolete systems. A seemingly well-running practice can benefit from continual efforts to improve. Workforce turnover often results in knowledge transfers that are piecemeal or incomplete. Billing and patient flow protocols, human resource policies, technological processes and communication with patients are all areas in a practice requiring focus and attention.  Practice Management International works with an established practice to preserve those aspects of a practice that support the goals of the business and develop new areas that will improve the outcomes of the practice.

 Please contact our office for further information to discuss your key objectives on +61 417009059.

Business Analysis and Solution Design

With so many competing technology products in the marketplace, it's easy for your actual business requirements to become lost amidst tempting sales pitches, technology options and marketing material.


How can the needs of your diverse stakeholders be concisely formulated? How far do current solutions fall short of your requirements? What systems will yield the greatest return on your investment?


What we offer is simple: we work with you to identify your requirements, document solutions and create a plan for achieving your goals. We'll assist you as little or as much as you need, from brainstorming and seminars to fully functional specifications and documentation. By working with you in this way, we provide all the information and insight you need to confidently make a decision about how to proceed with your systems development.


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Patient & Workflow Design - Administration & Technical

Practice Management International can assess the functions of your practice workspace and help configure the layout for the best possible patient, staff and information flow. This can often result in significant time and expense savings in the design process. We can also help determine the appropriate space, so that it is neither too small nor too large for your practice today or in the future.

Practice Management International has strong working relationships with many of the most renowned national and local architectural firms that specialize in healthcare facility design and construction.


Practical Project Management - Business development

No two projects are ever truly the same. In addition to managing a variety of unique stakeholders and their complex, often conflicting requirements, you need to watch the bottom line, both time-wise and in dollar terms.


The skills required to managing the delivery of large scale, projects are specialised and often acquired through hands-on experience in a range of industries and businesses. Many organisations have no experience of or in-house expertise in the delivery of such projects, so they choose us to assist them in this task.


Our track record in project management on behalf of some of Australia's largest companies means we are equipped to complete your Health project through to success. We know how to navigate through competing business needs, conflicting vendor schedules, and problematic expectations. Most of all, we know how to deliver your project 'on time' and 'on budget'.




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