Market Research & Ongoing Practice Development

coaching 5.jpgOur healthcare consultants can conduct market research of an area as part of your practice feasibility & set-up. The methods of gathering this information will entail researching national trends, the local market, and competition. Data is gathered from various sources including the health department, discussions with physicians, and if possible, healthcare facilities or hospitals.

Research will be done to gain a true understanding of the market in the identified location. We will identify the current and future trends in healthcare and what makes it unique in the marketplace. We will validate the healthcare needs in the community, by researching both state and country statistics.




 Practice Management International provide access to various marketing services to your new and/or existing practice. We can coordinate and provide both short and long term marketing services relating to YOUR TARGET MARKET:


 Marketing plans

  • Print materials: business cards, forms, brochures, fliers, fax sheets, letterhead, envelopes, etc.
  • Advertising: radio, newspaper, television, and internet.
  • Public Relations: newsletters and promotions.
  • Website design (including SEO)






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