Private Practice Facility / Business Systems Setup


Private Practice and Business Setup requires significant planning in striving towards creating a foundation for the delivery of BEST PRACTICES services to your patients.  Practice Management International will assist  you with all aspects of setting up your practice AND your business. When we commence  working with you on your practice set-up, we begin with a Financial & Operational Proforma. We offer you business education and provide upskilling to you with respect to the upfront costs of setting up your practice, work with you to determine how many patients you will see on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. The financial proforma provides us with a realistic outlook of how much money your practice generate. A financial cash flow projections, including patient numbers, are projected  over a few years which provides you with a realistic outlook of how your practice is planned to  perform. In the early stages of setting up a practice, we work with you to develop your LIVING business plan, a strategic planning business tool which outlines yoru goals, strategies for implementation, a market assessment of the geographic area that you would like to commence Practice including patient demographics, community statistics (demand for your scope of services) and immediate competition in the marketplace.


Once the services above are completed, we are ready to begin the actual set up of your practice. PMI's healthcare consultants will help you find an office location, whether that means an existing medical practice or office space, or coordinate a 'greenfield' site. Once the location of your practice is determined, PMI will begin working on the credentialing process with relevant health service facilities. We will work closely with contractors, architects, and/or developers to ensure the coordination and completion of your practice fitout meets your needs (including, appropriate medical devices, consumables, general office equipment and sundry items. Whether or not your needs include hardware, software, office or clinical supplies, the staff at PMI has aligned themselves with vendors with proven track records, cost-effective solutions, and a customer service focus. PMI can recruit your workforce, coordinate IT/IM and phone systems, and ensure that effective marketing strategies are implemented to promote your new practice.

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Practising medicine in today's healthcare environment can be stressful and demanding. We can help you achieve your business goals through our unique collaborative assistance programs i.e. we can assist you as LITTLE or as MUCH as YOU CHOOSE.  The level of involvement PMI undertakes is YOUR CHOICE - we simply guide and recommend along YOUR JOURNEY to FUTURE SUCCESS!


Practice Management Business Efficiency Systems 

The premium we place on function and execution is rooted in our philosophy.  Practice Management International is a pragmatic, on-the-ground, operations driven organization. In 23 years of setting up, managing and improving health care practices, we have found that flawless and sustained execution of carefully planned operations is a key to a thriving medical practice. Most of our improvement interventions are designed to utilize our leadership and management skills to implement well thought out systems and protocols in a consistent manner.

Practice Management International will work in concert with you to develop the implementation plan so that it is an accurate expression of the overall vision and strategy. The components of this road map will include all milestones, tasks, to-do's, accountabilities, deadlines and results. Your new practice implementation plan will be executed using a community style, customized, web based project management program. This site will function as the collaborative central command for the project and will feature

Instant visibility to key stakeholders for critical information and progress updates, color coded milestones for upcoming, complete and late components.

Centralized efficient communication using email, write boards, chat rooms and threaded messages.

Sharing of categorized and sorted deliverables by providing accessibility to uploaded files and documents pertinent to operations implementation, contact information of project members, stakeholders, strategic partners and vendors.

Full range of easily navigated project detail from dashboard and birds-eye overview to daily task and individual accountability.



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